Katie Ramsey, ’19, graduated from McGeorge School of Law with a Masters of Public Administration. Her degree has propelled her career forward. She works at Physicians for a Healthy California, where she has built two programs created by statute from the ground up, something she credits her unique McGeorge education that enhanced her

In this video, Max Huynh discusses how earning an MPA degree from McGeorge School of Law helped him pursue the next steps in his career. Huynh, ’21, refined practical skills through his coursework. He is a program analyst at a nonprofit organization called Physicians for a Healthy California.

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Mathew Olson received a Master of Public Administration from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in 2018. In this video, he talks about what made McGeorge stand out to him during the application process, the hands-on experience he gained at McGeorge, and the school’s professional network. 

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Robert T. Eglet, ’88, is a senior partner at Eglet Adams in Las Vegas, Nevada, and one of the most successful civil trial attorneys in the United States. He recently gave McGeorge School of Law a $25 million estate gift, with more than $20 of that dedicated to scholarships for students of color and

Sydnie Reyes, ’19, saw her passion and life path come together at Pacific while pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in prelaw on Pacific’s Stockton campus and then at McGeorge School of Law.

Reyes chose McGeorge for its focus on public policy, legal program, and financial aid support. But ultimately, she wanted

In this video, Jamie Taylor, MSL ’17, discussed how an MSL degree helped advance his career, what made McGeorge stand out to him, and what skills he learned in MSL courses. Jamie Taylor is the Director of the California Senate Fellows Program.

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Raina Ryan came to Sacramento from the East Coast to earn her MPA at McGeorge because of the program’s home in a law school, and the law school’s location in California’s capital city. She also discusses how her degree, and McGeorge’s alumni network, have helped her career growth.

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Six years ago, I was accepted at McGeorge School of Law as a part-time evening law student. It was fall 2015. I worked full-time during the day, and class would start promptly at 6:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Only 1/3 of law schools nationwide offer part-time JD programs, including McGeorge. The part-time program is designed