Aleksandr Vorontsov, ’22, came to McGeorge School of Law from Russia to pursue an LLM degree. His goal is to one day become an international attorney or work for a big law firm either in Russia or San Francisco, California. He said McGeorge has prepared him for his next steps on this journey. He

Faizan Hussain, ’22, first came to the U.S. and McGeorge School of Law from Pakistan to study U.S Law and Policy. Already having a Bachelor’s degree and an LLM from his home country, Hussain decided his next steps were to get an LLM in the U.S., and then a JSD. He decided to come

Before moving to the U.S. to pursue an LLM degree, Kseniia Kocheva, ’22, had experience working with American clients. She came to McGeorge School of Law to acquire more experience working with Common Law. Kocheva is originally from Western Siberia, Russia. She decided to study at McGeorge School of Law based on recommendations from

Blessing Nwamaka Aibor, ’23, decided to pursue an LLM in Transnational Business Practice at McGeorge School of Law to advance her career and gain experience working with the international legal system. Prior to her time at McGeorge School of Law, she practiced corporate commercial law in Nigeria for several years. Aibor said she has