The Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Pacific McGeorge School of Law prepares students to capably manage the public sector processes and effectively implement public policy decisions. Katie Ramsey, ’19; Raina Ryan, ’20; and Max Huynh, ’21, discuss why they decided to get an MPA degree, what drew them to McGeorge, and how their

Despite coming from a private sector, Lacee Solis, ’21, knew she had a passion for public service. She took an interest in getting an MPA because she wanted to learn how to make a difference in her community effectively. She decided on McGeorge because she was impressed that an MPA was offered at an

Katie Ramsey, ’19, graduated from McGeorge School of Law with a Masters of Public Administration. Her degree has propelled her career forward. She works at Physicians for a Healthy California, where she has built two programs created by statute from the ground up, something she credits her unique McGeorge education that enhanced her

Waleed Hojeij in a student in his final year in the McGeorge’s Master of Public Administration, (MPA) program. He talks about what sets the MPA apart from the Business Administration degree he earned in undergrad, and what makes McGeorge a special place to learn.

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In this video, Max Huynh discusses how earning an MPA degree from McGeorge School of Law helped him pursue the next steps in his career. Huynh, ’21, refined practical skills through his coursework. He is a program analyst at a nonprofit organization called Physicians for a Healthy California.

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Mathew Olson received a Master of Public Administration from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in 2018. In this video, he talks about what made McGeorge stand out to him during the application process, the hands-on experience he gained at McGeorge, and the school’s professional network. 

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Raina Ryan came to Sacramento from the East Coast to earn her MPA at McGeorge because of the program’s home in a law school, and the law school’s location in California’s capital city. She also discusses how her degree, and McGeorge’s alumni network, have helped her career growth.

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The Masters of Public Administration Program at McGeorge School of Law cemented my desire to pursue a career in public service following graduation in spring 2022. Initially, I was worried I would be at a disadvantage in my classes compared with my peers because I started the program directly after finishing my undergraduate degree at